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Mrs Pockets

Mrs Pockets Gift Card

Mrs Pockets Gift Card

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Treat a family to a Mrs Pockets experience!

Chose how much you would like to gift and checkout. Your gift card will be emailed to the email address provided. 

You can print off your gift card from the email. Simply go to 'Gift Card Balance' and press the 'Print Gift Card'

Gift cards have no expiry date and don't need to be spent all at once. 


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What to expect...


Mrs Pockets love to sing, she can't wait to share songs with you every week!


Sessions are interactive, with children and adults being able to join in throughout the session!


It's like watching a cross between a theatre production and a gentle Cbeebies show


Capturing and holding a child's imagination to bring wonder and joy. Meet Mrs Pockets Friends - who will be in the Pockets this week?

"Mrs Pockets is like no tother Music class we have been too! It's truly enchanting and immersive"

Lucille and Arlo

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