Welcome to the world of...

Mrs Pockets

  • Singing

    Mrs Pockets love to sing, she can't wait to share songs with you every week!

  • Interactivity

    Sessions are interactive, with children and adults being able to join in throughout the session!

  • Enchanting

    It's like watching a cross between a theatre production and a gentle Cbeebies show

  • Imagination

    Capturing and holding a child's imagination to bring wonder and joy. Meet Mrs Pockets Friends - who will be in the Pockets this week?

Where do we run?

We run at 4 locations across 5 days in Leicestershire.

Our next block for September goes on sale:

Current customer - Friday 14th June

Email Subscribers - Sunday 16th June

Meet Mrs Pockets!

Friendly, relaxed and playful. Guaranteed laughs and entertainment for children and adults alike!

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